Polivaz DV-WW-LBOT-M-BGE Whitewash Floor Vase, Medium

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This utilitarian handcrafted vase from internationally known artist Neal Adams combines flawless beauty with design finesse. It’s just the kind of vase that knows how to make a dramatic first impression in any setting, thanks to its intriguing texture, depth and natural shades of antique gold weaving across the whitewashed base. Because it’s painted by hand and not by machine, the pattern is always slightly different from one vase to the next. With its unique fluted shape and organic design, it’s also the perfect container for showcasing the rise of longer, fuller flowers, bundled branches or exotic bamboo grass. But perhaps the real beauty of this towering vase lies in its durable construction. Handmade from synthetic resin, the vase is extremely lightweight, weather-resistant and essentially shatterproof. Balisan artisans personally trained by Neal Adams paint each and every vase by hand using durable paints that never fade or peel. And because nature can be unkind at times, the artisans also apply a special finish that protects the vase from the elements, rain or shine.Design by world-renowned london artist neal adams

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