Natural Birch Tube, Rustic Tree Bark, 6 to 13 inches tall

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Natural tree bark can be used as a starting point for rustic centerpieces and table displays. Add flowers, a candle or floralytes for a dazzling display of light in this single hollow tube of birch tree bark. Perfect for combining with wood slabs and wine bottle lights or mason jar lights for a decorative centerpiece. Create a priceless keepsake by burning or carving the bride and groom’s initials or a significant date into the bark. This bark tube would coordinate well with home decor, a woodlands or country wedding or cabin decor. Each tube has its own unique character and varies in length from approximately 6 – 13 inches long and is made of real birch tree bark. Diameter can vary from 4 to 9 inches. Incorporate them into your wedding decor or include them as part of your interior decor.Sold as single birch bark tube Approximately 6 – 13 inches long Approximately 4 – 9 inches in diameter Made of real weathered birch wood bark Perfect for home decor, centerpieces, and more

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