Hanging Cosmetics Shower Toiletries Bathroom Caddy Case, Green

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Comes with hooks for easy hanging, for examples “For easy hanging on doors.”
Attractive but not overly noticeable design, allows it to blend in if holding toiletries, make up etc.
The multi slot design gives each family member a “cubby”.
Perfect for apartments or homes without medicine cabinets.
Do you have one drawer designated for “junk?” Or a whole closet?
While our organizers won’t help you organize the big stuff, they nicely move all the little stuff out of your way.
What can you hang?
Despite living in a “paperless age?? most of us still have papers: mail, coupons, recipes, and receipts, paycheck stubs¡­ on and on. If you want to organize your papers, or your cds, jewelry, make-up, or medicines, we propose you go for the vertical solution. 
Unlike with drawers, hanging organizers are perfect for the grab and go lifestyle we all lead. 
Need a receipt, a lipstick, a cd? Easy¡­ reach in, fish out.
Great as a cosmetics or toiletry holder. Keep your lipsticks, mascaras, and brushes flat against the wall in their own designated spaces, not splayed out on the kitchen sink or rolling around the bottom of your purse: you’ll lose less, spill less, and keep them in better condition longer.
Excellent size for CDS
Especially handy for a party, our organizers let you set out just the tunes you want to hear; no need to let anyone rummage through your cd cases. You can even set them out in order of play.
Material: Oxford Cloth
Color: Blue, Green
Size: One Size
Package Includes:
1 x Organizer
Material: Oxford Cloth

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