Exquisite Handcrafted Openwork Woven Chinese Porcelain Decorative Vase

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From the kilns and workshops of Dehua, China – a province known as the capital of Chinese porcelain and as one of the cradle lands of world ceramic culture – comes this elegant, intricately-carved porcelain bottle that brings tradition, craftsmanship, and breathtaking beauty into your home.

This decorative bottle is made of blanc de Chine (China white) porcelain, a glossy and ivory-white porcelain for which the kilns of Dehua are famous. The intricate design of traditional flowers and openwork starbursts that graces this ceramic jug-like vase is meticulously hand-carved onto the surface of the porcelain, so that each decorative bottle vase is a unique, high-quality work of art. This beautiful Chinese porcelain bottle makes a stunning centerpiece or decorative accent for any space, and it can be displayed alone or accompanied by an arrangement of silk or dried flowers. The incredible beauty and unsurpassed artistry of authentic Chinese porcelain will always be close at hand when you make this handcrafted porcelain vase a cherished part of your home décor.

*Each sculpture is uniquely hand painted – design may appear slightly different from picture.

Approximate Dimensions: 14.8″ H X 6.7″ in diameter.

A breath-taking, exquisite porcelain vase hand-carved with a beautiful starburst design across the body and a traditional floral design on the top and bottom borders as well as on the decorative handles.

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