Eiffel Tower Rotary Candleholder

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When the included tea light candle is lit in the base of the small rotary candleholder, the heat of the candle will make the Eiffel Towers and the carousel spin, and shaped reflections move around the ceiling. Comes nicely presented in a box ideal as a gift. You will enjoy the sight of the Eiffel Towers in motion on our Merry-Go-Round! Remarkably sophisticated with just a touch of whimsy, this Eiffel Tower candle holder is a wonderful way to bring smiles with a unique display of entertainment in motion! Each of our stunning rotary candle holders is crafted from durable metal with a beautiful silver finish. Just position the flickering tea light candle (included), and within moments the heat from the flame will set the art in motion. The rotation of the Eiffel Towers in their carefree carousel is sure to fill you with joy! You can add your own scented tea light and indulge in your favorite aroma as you enjoy the breathtaking revolving display.

Rotation powered by candle heat

Earth friendly 100% recyclable materials

Includes one unscented tea light candle

Measures 6.5″H x 2.75″W x 2.75″D

Net weight 3 oz.The heat of the candle will make the Eiffel Towers and the carousel spin