The Lismore Diamond collection is a strikingly modern reinterpretation of the Lismore pattern, which includes Waterford's most advanced and original giftware statements. Lismore Diamond is the signature pattern for the Lismore 60th Anniversary...

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The Lismore Diamond pattern is a strikingly modern reinvention of the Waterford classic; characterized by intricate diamond cuts rendered in radiant fine crystal. Perfect for displaying freshly picked flowers, or long stem roses, this Lismore...

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Waterford has created a new special edition of one of their most beloved patterns. By combining the popular detail of the Lismore cutting with an updated heart motif, Waterford has created a modern design perfect for bridal gifts and mother's...

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The traditional Lismore cut, as timeless and elegant today as when the original collection was introduced over 50 years ago, is plunged into a deep sapphire blue for a rich and striking statement of tabletop color.Lismore Sapphire 9"...

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LISMORE CRIMSON 8" FLARED VASECreatively designed with your needs in...

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The Lismore Gold Collection delivers everything the name suggests: Waterford Crystal's most iconic pattern and items enhanced with an intoxicating touch of golden indulgence. Select Lismore and Lismore Essence pieces are now adorned with lavish gold...

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The Lismore pattern, first created in 1950 by Mirek Havel, has won-over three generations of collectors. The Lismore Thistle vase is a classically designed piece that features the traditional Lismore cut. This 7-inch vase is the perfect size to...

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The Waterford Lismore pattern is a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity. The stunning Lismore 6-inch Rose Bowl looks radiant whether filled with rose petals, floating candles or cut flowers. The sweeping curve showcases the dramatic...

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146136 Features: -Vase.-8" H, 1.38 lbs. Collection: -Lismore collection.Fine fully leaded crystal from Waterford - the highest quality...

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With the success of Lismore Jewels and the current trend toward colored crystal, Color Me Lismore giftware brings brilliant new colors to the party. The look is unmistakably Lismore, the shapes are already bestsellers. Now the added elements of...

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Perfect for displaying freshly picked flowers, or long stem roses, this cased fine crystal Lismore Diamond 8" Vase in Cobalt will add the perfect amount of color and luxury to any setting.Perfect for displaying freshly picked flowers, or long stem...

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The Giftology Lismore Bon Bon Vase is simply a perfect gift for multiple gift solutions. The Giftology collection features Waterford's best crystal gifts in compelling gift boxes designed in 6 different eye-catching color schemes with opulent gold...

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