White Milk Glass Harvest Grape Panels Vase


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Orrefors Sea Candy Vase, Red

SEA Glasbruk, a sister company of Orrefors Kosta Boda, has been developing timeless classics for more than 50 years, always beautifully combining form and function. You will find lots of lovely objects to use and enjoy. Products that decorate your...

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Kosta Boda Valentino Vase, Black

.Dimensions: 6.25" wide by 11.375"...

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Kosta Boda Samoa Lime Vase

Samoa, Anna Ehrner's new vases named after the unspoilt island paradise in the central Pacific, is a natural development of the designer's constant experiments with glass. Here, Anna allows colored glass to create its own unique patterns in a design...

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Kosta Boda Aria Purple Vase

Amber, black, purple and green are the colors in these lovely crystal vases. Göran Wärff compares them to a choir of tenors: Colorful voices. The clear crystal combined with these earthy colors gives a classic Swedish feel. The sweeping shape of...

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Kosta Boda Club 9-1/2 Inch Low Vase

Designed by Ludvig Lofgren for Kosta Boda. Rectangular vase with a warm red base and a skillfully crackled pattern of pale green-beige. Ludvig puts historical glass-making techniques to the challenge, creating masculine, modern works.Crystal...

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Kosta Boda Charms Vase Face

Charms demonstrates Ulrica's elegant side in a harmonious display of lavender and opaque gold-all unique, hand-made and hand-painted works of art. Designed by Ulrica...

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Kosta Boda Mirage Medium Vase, Blue/Amber

Göran Wärff's signature motifs contrast of bold strokes and flows of color within heavy, brilliant crystal forms. The colors of Mirage harmonize subtly with the forms and depths of the vases, and the play of light within the crystal seems to add...

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Kosta Boda Catwalk 16-1/2-Inch Vase

Catwalk models in glass are the theme of Kjell Engman's new fashion-inspired vase series, appropriately named Catwalk. The vases, which come in five different sizes, are equally stylish when brought together in a group, where form and décor bring...

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Kosta Boda Open Minds Vase, Medium, White

With its dramatic black brushstrokes, Open Minds, now past it's 25th year, has become one of Ulrica Hydman-Vallien's classic collections. Every item is hand painted with organic paint.With its dramatic black brushstrokes, Open Minds, now in it's...

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Kosta Boda Cabana Vase, Orange

With clear inspiration from the 1950s, Ludvig Lofgren has created his series Cabana. with this design in the series he works with austere shapes and subdued colors in shades orange. The colored staves of glass have been melted together, shaped and...

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Kosta Boda Valentino Vase White and Red

St. Valentine's Day, the day of true love, is celebrated in many countries, so what more suitable expression of our love than one of these delightful vases or bowls.Designed by Swedish artist Martti...

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