Baccarat Gingko Vase (Grande)

Almost 2 feet of elegant simplicity makes this vase a beautiful focal point.Made in...

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Baccarat Harcourt Straight Vase, Tall

The Harcourt Straight Vase (Tall) standing a remarkable 12 5/8 from the Baccarat Collection made in France, embodies the iconic lineament design throughout a two part break. Glorifying the effects of refracted light for over 170 years, this piece is...

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Baccarat Crystal Small Giverny Vase 1792546

6 3/4 inches tall. Baccarat Crystal Product Number...

$295.00 as at 00:10 UTC. (Details)
Baccarat Crystal Large Architecture Vase

Baccarat Crystal Architecture Vase. 15 1/8 inches high.Fine...

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Baccarat Crystal Intangible Collection Circle Vase Medium 2600741

Clear full-lead crystal with slanted circular cuts. From the Intangible Collection. 12"H x 3 1/2"...

$625.00 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)
Baccarat Crystal Light of Asia Fall Vase

Baccarat Crystal Lights of Asia Vase Summer, Numbered Limited Edition. 12 5/8 inches tall and 7 7/8 inches wide. Comes with black Lacquer stand.Fine...

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Baccarat Crystal Surf Vase, Small - 5-7/8" Tall

BACCARAT "Surf" Vase A modern twist on a classic shape, this piece is a must-have. Designed by Nicolas Triboulot. Clear full-lead crystal. Made in France Note: this is considered the SMALL 6" version, the larger 8" version sells for...

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Baccarat Crystal Red Kaleidoscope Vase

Style No: 2105573 Baccarat Crystal Red Bayadere Kaleidoscope Vase. 9 inches tall. (Note: Vase is made from clear crystal. The color is applied to the base and is reflected by the edges and cuts in the crystal.) List...

$925.00 as at 23:20 UTC. (Details)
Baccarat Crystal Wave Vase Blue 9 Inches Tall

8 1/2in Handcrafted full-lead crystal bowl made in France. Hand...

$675.00 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)
Baccarat Crystal Diane Vase

Baccarat Crystal Diane Vase. 9 7/8 inches high. List Price:$1,075.00Baccarat...

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Baccarat Crystal Menthe Vase

This beautiful Crystal Menthe Vase was created by Baccarat, France and comes in a custom Baccarat...

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Baccarat Crystal Boule Vase

Baccarat Crystal Boule Vase. Medium Size 7 1/8 inches tall. List Price:$892.00Baccarat Crystal Boule...

$750.00 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)