Baccarat Crystal Medium Eye Vase 2609994

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he round eye vase features resplendent undulations that expertly manipulate the Baccarat clear crystal to striking effect. This vase is a magnificent vessel for creating flower arrangements. Designed by Nicolas Triboulot, the extraordinary craftsmanship horizontal bevel cuts on the outside and vertical bevel cuts on the introduces a dazzling optical effect. The gleaming contours conjure a clear crystal cyclone, magnetically pulling you in like a vortex. Rendered all the more intricate in the light, the round eye Vase maximizes the unpredictability of perception, evoking delight about what the eye can discern with shifts in luminosity. The entrancing attributes of the round eye vase are also characteristic of the Baccarat clear crystal eye votive. 8.66 inches tall.Baccarat Eye Vase

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